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Border Collie Janosch


I’ve been using the good weather to walk through the Rhododendon Park and had a small shooting with Janosch. Today I want to show you some pictures of the shooting.




Lena and Destinado


today I want to show you some pictures of the photoshooting with Lena and Destinado at my favorite crocuslokation.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Enjoy the days with your family!

Today I want to show you some pictures of the action 7 days, 7 projects with sweet Ebba. Enjoy!!

7 Days, 7 Projects – Daily at 7 pm!

Seven Days – Seven Projects!

Somebody mentioned the beginning of spring. To be honest, I can hardly imagine this but maybe it’s time for some projects to move forward.

I’m thinking about a project week – 7 days, 7 projects, daily at 7 pm. Everyday I’ll publish an idea or location and search for you! To enter into the selection, just comment below the post with a picture of your horse, dog or whatever I ‘m searching for. Please have a look, the first post will be online tomorrow evening.


(Deutsch) Schneeshooting


knowing spring is coming, I recognised that quite some parts of Germany just got new snow. That is why I hope you still like some snow pictures of my shooting visiting Kitzbühel/Austria.




Last chance! Availability only until Wednesday!


I’m cleaning up my shop, that is why the pictures of the endurance competitions from 2013/2014 will just be available until the 28th of February for online purchase. The following rides will go offline:

– Hassellache Distanz 2013
– CEI Göttingen-Holzerode 2013
– Fischerhuder Distanzritt 2014
– German Championship Nörten-Hardenberg 2014
– WEG Normandy 2014
– Distanzritt Stuhr 2014

Did you purchase all of your pictrues? If not, here’s the link for the Shop!

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