I´m a german photographer with a passion for animals – espacially horses and cats.
Several Years ago, I bought two arabian horses, Baida in Nahar and Ibn Gameer.
Both are competing succesfully at national and international endurance competitions and bought me to the photography.

With my first camera I started taking photos at endurance competitions, but recognized soon, where the limits of this camera lay. Until now I always added better equipment and took lots of pictures of beautiful horses or at different endurance competitions in several countries.

Some of my pictures found their way into one of my calendars or onto titles of different magazines.

My aim is it to show this beautiful sport on the one hand, but also show the beauty of all the animals I take pictures of. I want to show the personality and what makes them so special.

A few sentences about me.
I was born in 1987 and live near Ingolstadt (Germany) with my two horses, but travel through the world. My customers are for example in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands but also in New Zealand.