Fascination endurance 2017

Hi there,

It´s done! The choice for the calendar “Faszination Distanzreiten” (fascination endurance) is made, thanks to you! You voted for the pictures for April, June, October and the title, I decided the rest. In the end we got a calendar with 13 beautiful pictures of three different countries!

It´ll be published in November, I´ll announce the defintite date as soon as possible! You can pre-order your calendar of the limited edition here: click!

Distanzkalender 2017

Nordsee Distanz 2016


the picture of last weekend´s “Nordsee Distanz” are almost online, just the beachpictures are missing. But I´ve good news for you: The first part will be online tomorrow morning and the second one in the evening. So, just 485 pictures to sort for me, almost done!

You can find the pictures here: Nordsee Distanz 2016


UPDATE: In the meantime, all pictures of the Nordsee Distanz are online!

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